Protecting Your Cybersecurity: 5 Steps to Take If You Get Hacked

The key steps that will neutralize the damage from being hacked.

There’s no room for error when it comes to your company’s cybersecurity. Even a minor click can easily cost millions. Your team must know what to do the minute they discover a breach or hack. This checklist gives you step-by-step instructions in those critical moments to ensure you preserve forensic data and retain your eligibility for your cybersecurity risk insurance claim.

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Download this checklist and distribute it to everyone on your team – when the inevitable hack happens, they’ll know exactly what to do!

3 things you’ll discover in this checklist:

The RIGHT way to respond to an incident
Tips on how to safely recover
Key steps you need to be prepared for a cybersecurity attack

What our clients have to say:

I have learned that it is vitally important to be proactive rather than reactive about cybersecurity. The first issue we had that resulted in a little over a week of lost data, once we were fortunate enough to get back up and running, took literally 2 to 3 months of rework to fully recover from. The last attempted hack was stopped, and our network returned to normal before most of our company knew we had any problem at all.

— Justin Schweitzer, Controller, John Balfanz Homes
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